FC Edmonton’s Health and Safety Survey

If and when FC Edmonton and the Canadian Premier League take the pitch, how do you picture it? In May 2020 this was the question I asked three of the biggest Eddies fans I know in an interview. Fast forward to March of 2021 and FC Edmonton is asking their fan base for their inputContinue reading “FC Edmonton’s Health and Safety Survey”

Tuesday February 23rd was a busy day for FC Edmonton

A Facebook memory of mine from three years ago was about the fan movement to bring FC Edmonton out of dormancy and into the Canadian Premier League (CPL). Yesterday showed just how far the Club has come. The day began with the CPL proudly announcing that ten players in the league were named to Canada’sContinue reading “Tuesday February 23rd was a busy day for FC Edmonton”

Mid-February FC Edmonton Check-in (and who is seemingly checking out)

With the recent signings of Tomas Giraldo and Tobias Warschewski, FC Edmonton’s 2021 roster is now at 19 “standard contracts” plus their two draft picks in Thomas Gardner and Jackson Farmer. The cover photo supplied by Martikinen Sugar Fingers Siembiwskiey shows an unofficial depth chart as a visual aid for Eddies fans. In case youContinue reading “Mid-February FC Edmonton Check-in (and who is seemingly checking out)”