FC Edmonton Players Salute Fans: Goalkeeper Connor James Retires

The goal is to win league championships, unless it is not. 2021 for FC Edmonton was not about being a Cinderella story that went from last place in 2020 to first place this season. With a new Head Coach in Alan Koch and double digit new faces on the roster this season was about temperedContinue reading “FC Edmonton Players Salute Fans: Goalkeeper Connor James Retires”

Overly Simple Eddies Review: Game Three

Guest writer: Nathan Terlesky We’ve gone from a an Edmonton club who scores rarely and usually cheap or garbage goals to something different. FC Edmonton came into this game riding a high off of the 2-0 solid defeat of the Hamilton Forge, York United also came into this game in similar fashion, losing their first,Continue reading “Overly Simple Eddies Review: Game Three”

Overly Simple Eddies Review: Game Two

624 days. FC Edmonton fans waited 624 days to celebrate like they won the Canadian Premier League championship! Okay, it was only game two of the season but if anyone tells you that you are over-celebrating leave the room because you do not need that kind of negativity in your life. The starting eleven forContinue reading “Overly Simple Eddies Review: Game Two”