Impact FC UWS Win Inaugural Game

It was a good day! I joked prior that I was waiting for it to be over because of all the bells and whistles that we have to do in advance of our inaugural game in the United Women’s Soccer League but I’m super proud of the team behind the team first and foremost. I thought we put on a heck of an event today.

Yes sir Impact FC UWS Head Coach and General Manager Troye Flannery, that was one heck of an event last night as soccer fans watched the home team collect a 1-0 win.

The game was barely three minutes old when the first ooh’s and aah’s were elicited from the crowd courtesy of Bryana Buttar’s fancy footwork. The first glorious scoring opportunity for the Impact came off the foot of Sheena Tracey.

Tracey’s next scoring opportunity earned her the first assist in Club history. Her shot bounced off of the crossbar and went directly to Buttar who made no mistake with the rebound and scored the Club’s first ever goal 38 minutes into franchise history.

It feels amazing to score the Club’s first goal. In that moment, I’d never been so calm in my life. I remember the ball coming off the crossbar, took my time to address my shot and I don’t think there’s ever been a better feeling of focus without distractions. I’m so excited for this team today and for the future.” Bryana Buttar

Headed into the locker room at the first half, possession of the ball was dominated by the Impact. Forward Tanya Boychuk’s bulldog mentality was fantastic to watch. Always on the attack but never getting caught out of position. Defender Sarah Engen was spot on with each and every one of her downfield volleys. Goalkeeper Emily Burns only had to make one save.

The mood changed in the second half as Foothills FC, 2018 & 2019 Western Conference Champions, took over the edge in the play.

“Lee Tucker and Katie Collar are great coaches and great people doing great things down there I Calgary. Their Club will be forever class. They turned it right up after half but I thought we bent a couple times. You can say we broke a couple times as well but Emily Burns made 3 maybe 4 highlight reel saves. She’s absolutely a class super humble kid who just got back from Spain where she played professionally.” Troye Flannery

The score sheet will tell you that Burns made 7 saves in the second half. What the sheet won’t tell you is two of those saves were legitimate “save of the year” candidates. In the the 79th minute she dove across the net to deflect the ball wide of the net all the while having the wherewithal to be in position to make another save on a low shot moments later. She outdid herself in the 93rd minute (stoppage time added six minutes). With the flow of her body going one way she somehow reached cross body to punch the targeted top corner shot over the net.

“Super proud of the team today. Super proud to be part of this first opportunity with the Club and our 1st season in this league. Really proud of my team. I think I came up big a couple times, the 1st half on a breakaway was an important save and then again in the 2nd half during added time. The team in front of me played amazing and I’m super super proud of them.” Emily Burns

The tenacity of Forward OIivia Chu all over the field impressed me. In the 68th minute with Foothills FC pressuring after a yellow card on the Impact, she bounced off two or three attackers to get to the ball and clear the pressure. Defender Kennedy Gray, a sub in the 65th minute, was fantastically consistent in moving the ball up field for the Impact.

“The game and win is bittersweet for me as I was there for 13 years. I don’t think we could come out any better than we did in game one of an inaugural season. We did a lot of really good things and rewarded with a couple good looks and I think overall going into halftime we made a couple of adjustments shape wise to counter some things that they were starting to do near the end of the half.

Right Back Sarah Engen and Centre Back usually midfield Kayla Mostowich were very good. Tanya Boychuk and Sheena Tracey were dangerous forwards.” Troye Flannery 

The rematch between the Impact FC and Foothills FC takes place this Sunday in Calgary. The game is being streamed through CFN Media.

Next home action, and final home games of this abbreviated regular season, will be next Friday and Saturday, July 9th and 10th. For tickets, click HERE! To stay up-to-date with the Club follow them on Twitter.


Overly Simple Eddies Review: Game Two

624 days. FC Edmonton fans waited 624 days to celebrate like they won the Canadian Premier League championship! Okay, it was only game two of the season but if anyone tells you that you are over-celebrating leave the room because you do not need that kind of negativity in your life.

The starting eleven for Coach Koch in game two featured a plethora of change.

  • Allan Zebie in for Jeannot Esua (who left the opener early in part due to soreness)
  • Mele Temguia in for Ramon Soria
  • Game one subs Easton Ongaro (recovering from wrist surgery) & Roberto Avila got the start over Tobias Warschewski & Sharley Mabussi.
  • Birthday boy Marcus Velado-Tsegaye (MVT) started, rookie Thomas Gardner started on bench.
  • Kyle Porter over Hunter Gorskie as the lineup goes more forward heavy.

The first half saw MVT with a hat-trick of scoring opportunities that he just couldn’t finish. The half-time stat pack showed that Forge FC won the ball possession category but I dare tell anyone willing to listen, FC Edmonton was the better team in the first half.

The second half saw Ongaro miss a couple scoring opportunities you’d like to think he finishes more often than not. Warschewski subbed in for Ongaro and again impressed me with his offensive pressure and presence.

Of course the subs everyone are talking about are Soria and Esua as they accounted for the two FC Edmonton goals. If Las Vegas did prop bets on who would score first for the Eddies, the odds on Soria being the one would have been longer than the Eddies defeating the only championship team this league has known.



Do you recall the frenetic pressure the Eddies put on during stoppage time trying to avoid a loss in game one? Well, the Forge got nowhere near that amount of pressure during their desperation time.  The Forge had less time to work with than what the Eds had in game one but even if they had that extra time, there was no sense of “us” being in danger. That fans, is the best part of that Esua goal to salt away the game.

Next up is York United on Sunday evening. What will Coach Koch do with his starting eleven? Do Esua and Soria stay as subs? Will we ever see Ongaro and Warschewski on the pitch at the same time? Will game one wonders Mabussi and Gardner be given time to shine? Does MVT’s good first half in game two net him the start in game three?

So many questions and they are all of a positive nature. What a wonderful feeling!

Impact FC UWS Inaugural Game Tonight!

We are so excited to host you at St. Albert Soccer Association  tomorrow!

Doors open at 5:30 pm.   We have Sweet Tequila band playing, a kids zone (with snow cones for sale), food trucks (cheesecake on a stick is rumoured) and the best women’s soccer north of the border!   

The  fields are beautiful and our clubhouse is open. Our players are ready, our coaching staff prepared and our fans are hungry for some soccer.   We look forward to seeing you there tomorrow.   It’s not too late to invite your friends as this will be one of the first summer events in a long time.

Parking is FREE and located  on the street in the Riel area as well as at the Larry Olexiuk Turf, a short walk away.  We will have volunteers on hand to help direct you.   
Our ticketing volunteers will be on site to take your printed or mobile ticket…

As a season membership holder for the Impact FC UWS I received the above the e-mail in preparation for their inaugural game tonight. If you’ve been meaning to buy tickets but are a last minute person, click HERE for tickets.

If you’re asking yourself who is this brand new team, that’s okay, they are a brand new. Here’s the basic answers to get you ready for tonight’s match against provincial rival Calgary.


The UWS acronym stands for United Women’s Soccer League. The following is from their “about” page:

“United Women’s Soccer (UWS) is a national pro-am league composed of professionally operated clubs within the United States and Canada. UWS provides high level competition for college players, aspiring and former professionals, and international stars.”

The Impact FC explanation starts with the St. Albert Soccer Association (SASA) and ends up being a team in the UWS headed up by two-time UWS Coach of the Year Troye Flannery, who will serve as the team’s inaugural Head Coach & General Manager.

The team was built around former team captains and women who have had a winning pedigree:

  • Tanya Boychuk – University of Memphis (also Canada U-20)
  • Brittany Kindzierski – University of Texas And El Paso, two-time CSA National Champion
  • Sheena Tracey – MacEwan University, CCAA National Champion
  • Erika Vecchio -MacEwan University, CCAA National Champion
  • Yasmine Hall – Kent State University
  • Kayla Mostowich – Canada Summer Games Team Alberta
  • Laura Kautz – two-time CSA National Champion
  • Kayla Evans – CCCAA National Champion


Riel Recreation Park in St. Albert. CFN Media on-line.



To provide a greater opportunity for women in the game of soccer. To provide a pathway from Alberta to the highest level. This has been a vision for years. We started seriously exploring a franchise in the UWS in September, hired Troye in October, and the league announcement was made official January 6th.” Chris Spaidal, executive director of SASA.

See you tonight soccer fans. Come be a part of herstory!