Impact FC UWS Updates

Impact FC UWS has recently added two players to their 2021 inaugural roster, bringing the total to 12 players. The Club’s streaming partner announced who will be streaming the team’s home games played at Riel Recreation Park. It has been a very busy first month for the St. Albert based Soccer Club preparing to playContinue reading “Impact FC UWS Updates”

Until Wearing A Face Mask Is A Law, Please Agree to Disagree

What does it mean to agree to disagree? Oversimplified it means person A has a certain belief that is the opposite of person B but they do not allow it to become a problem amongst them. An easy example is person A puts the toilet paper roll on with the paper going forward while personContinue reading “Until Wearing A Face Mask Is A Law, Please Agree to Disagree”

What To Do For Your Sports Nut Dad This Year

Happy Fathers Day! If your Dad is a sports nut, this year is a bit more difficult to come up with a sporting event to take him out to enjoy. With baseball, basketball, football, soccer and lacrosse are all either postponed or cancelled, here a few sports ideas to book for your Dad. Driving RangeContinue reading “What To Do For Your Sports Nut Dad This Year”