Introducing the 2021 Edmonton Stingers Draft Class

Just days ago, the Canadian Elite Basketball League announced the results of the 2021 USports Draft. The local Edmonton Stingers made some exciting picks. So what is the USports-CEBL draft, and how does it work? Every year, the CEBL hosts a draft with USports players. There’s three rounds in this draft, and the order isContinue reading “Introducing the 2021 Edmonton Stingers Draft Class”

The Big Question: What Is “Mental Health”?

If you ask ten different people to define the term “mental health”, you’ll probably get ten different answers. So before we go any further, let’s start from the beginning: What is mental health? To answer that, let’s compare it to something that we all have at least a basic understanding of: our physical health. WhenContinue reading “The Big Question: What Is “Mental Health”?”

OK Blue Jays

Let’s be honest. Len’s article on why you should cheer for the Colorado Rockies was well done, but come on. You’re an Edmontonian (probably), an Albertan, and a patriotic Canadian. You’re not going to cheer for the Rockies. As a proud canuck, you want to cheer for Canada’s Team: The Toronto Blue Jays. For returning members ofContinue reading “OK Blue Jays”