Introducing the 2021 Edmonton Stingers Draft Class

Just days ago, the Canadian Elite Basketball League announced the results of the 2021 USports Draft. The local Edmonton Stingers made some exciting picks. So what is the USports-CEBL draft, and how does it work? Every year, the CEBL hosts a draft with USports players. There’s three rounds in this draft, and the order isContinue reading “Introducing the 2021 Edmonton Stingers Draft Class”

Guesstimate: May Long Weekend will disappoint local sports fans

May Long Weekend, May 22nd through May 24th, is a weekend of such promise for so many walks of life. If you are an avid gardener, that’s the weekend earmarked for your planting. If you are a camper, whether for the wilderness or the wobbly pops,  your friends already know that you plan to leaveContinue reading “Guesstimate: May Long Weekend will disappoint local sports fans”

Rooting for free agents that left Edmonton, Travis Daniels edition

Growing up watching Stampede Wrestling with my father, the script was simple to follow. There were good guys and bad guys. You cheered the “faces” and booed the “heels”. Honestly that logic carried through to the Oilers, the Green & Gold, and the Trappers (Google that younger generation). What was once a clear line inContinue reading “Rooting for free agents that left Edmonton, Travis Daniels edition”