Alberta Senior B Lacrosse Division Re-Branded

When, let’s stay hopeful and stick with when, the 2021 Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL) begins this spring, Alberta’s Senior B Lacrosse Division will have a new moniker. Your St. Albert Miners, Beaumont Outlaws and Edmonton Warriors are now a part of the “Alberta Series Lacrosse” division.

So why the re-brand? Who better to ask than Commissioner Norm Shaw.

“The re-branding is a way for us to match other provinces such as Ontario Series Lacrosse. It was a big mouthful to try and sell your league to potential sponsors with the moniker: Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League Senior B Division.

Psychologically it also felt like it might’ve been part of just a minor lacrosse league, when in fact, I would argue, that the Alberta Series Lacrosse is as competitive as the Western Lacrosse Association (WLA). Also the Presidents Cup is possibly the hardest trophy to win in all of sports. No other championship series in the world requires a team to play eight games in seven days. Our league features many active and former National Lacrosse League (NLL) players and we feel the re-brand will help us showcase our league better.

If and when we get to start again post Covid, I believe the product on the floor will speak for itself. I’m very proud of our league, our players, coaches and fans. Having a new name will help us showcase the league.”

All logical statements made by the Commissioner but does he have back up? Here’s the opinion of the General Manager of the Sr. Miners and Outlaws respectively.

“I’m extremely excited about the re-brand of our league to Alberta Series Lacrosse. It allows us to market our product better. We have some of the best players in Canada playing here and we are really excited to work with our Commissioner and league on marketing the game of Lacrosse and our players. Kudos goes out to Norm Shaw our commissioner for spearheading this initiative.” Jordan Cornfield Sr. Miners General Manager

“Re-branding as Alberta Series Lacrosse helps distinguish this group of players as the highest level lacrosse in Alberta. We have a great game with an exciting group of teams and the new name highlights our uniqueness.”  Rob Forgrave Outlaws General Manager

New 2021 logo coming soon!!

Alberta Series Lacrosse and the Sr Miners are hosting the 2021 Presidents Cup. The Presidents Cup is the national Senior-level box lacrosse championship for the Canadian Lacrosse Association.

Since the turn of the century, the Outlaws have twice won the prestigious tournament, twice won silver and twice won bronze. The Miners were tournament Champions for an impressive three consecutive years (2016-18). I’d be remiss not to mention the Spruce Grove Slash finishing 4th in the 2012 edition of the tournament because if memory serves the Commissioner was associated with that team.

I only type this half-jokingly but when the Alberta Lacrosse Series season begins I hope the teams are serving turkey through their concessions because it is going to fill like Christmas.



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